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Who Can Perform Legal Marriages in Kansas

Couples have six months to celebrate the marriage once the marriage certificate is in their hands. It will be valid throughout Kansas. The person in charge of performing the ceremony has ten days to return it to the same exhibiting employee. Kansas, land of the prairie`s golden wheat fields as far as the eye can see, is naturally considered unpredictable like a pancake. And yet, couples and ministers who don`t do their homework when planning a wedding in Sunflower State could very easily experience a tough race, with hefty fines as an unintended consequence. That`s why we`ve reviewed the relevant legal texts at Universal Life Church and have reduced the process to a few simple steps to ensure your Kansas wedding runs smoothly, effortlessly, and, yes, legally binding. With all this information in hand, plan the perfect Kansas wedding, but make sure you`ve tied all the legal purposes together so your day can go smoothly! If you`re well on your way to getting married in Kansas, you may be counting down the days until your trip down the aisle, but there are a few legal details you`d better get right away before entering the next phase of your life. License forms are provided by the Secretary of Health and Environment and issued with the photocopy to the applicant for delivery to the person celebrating the marriage, after the judge or registrar or district court has registered the required personal information in accordance with K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 23-2505. and amendments to ensure that the original marriage certificate is issued.

This photocopy must be clearly identified as a «DUPLICATE». The clerk may authorize the use of an automated system when the marriage licence form is computer-generated. In such cases, the court adheres to the specifications prescribed by the secretary to ensure uniformity throughout the state. Let`s say a marriage took place in a state or country where first-degree cousins could legally marry. Such a marriage would not be recognized in Kansas because state law prohibits marriage between first cousins. Clergy ordained online by Universal Life Church are recognized as legal «religious actors» in the state, regardless of gender or personal beliefs. Ministers must submit their ordination certificates to probate court before a ceremony can take place. Kansas does not fall within the scope of oversight of religious organizations that may solemnize marriages and persons they deem appropriate to perform solemn duties.

As far as the state is concerned, it is a swamp that is best left intact. Now that you understand Kansas` marriage laws, click below to begin the simple process of conducting a Kansas marriage. Any person solemnizing a marriage in accordance with the provisions of this Act shall enter his marriage certificate on the licence, surrender the duplicate licence to the parties to the marriage and return the licence to the judge or registrar of the district court who issued it within 10 days of the marriage. Not later than the third day of the following month, the judge or clerk shall transmit the information contained in the licence to the Integrated Vital Statistics Information System maintained by the Secretary of Health and the Environment or by such other means as may be designated by the Secretary and the Administrator of Justice. When you complete the application, you can provide information about the ceremony, such as the name of the person performing the ceremony, their title, and address. (a) All marriages contracted under the aegis of the society called friends or Quakers in the form previously practiced and used in their meetings shall be good and valid and shall not be construed as being affected by any of the foregoing provisions of this Act. All marriages previously contracted in this State by this society in accordance with its form and use shall be declared legal and valid. (b) A local Bahá`í Spiritual Assembly or representative members of such assembly may, in accordance with the customs of their religious community as defined in the Declaration of Trust and the Constitution of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá`ís of the United States and in the statutes of a Local Spiritual Assembly, celebrate and testify to the marriage ceremony in that State and certify on the back of the license the facts of the marriage and its date.

(c) Any marriage solemnized before the date of coming into force of this Act and certified by a person to whom a certificate of election as a justice of the peace has been issued, and the resulting marriage, shall be declared legal and valid. Only adults over the age of 18 are allowed to legally marry in the state of Kansas. Exceptions apply to 16- and 17-year-olds who have the written consent of both parents or legal guardians. In some cases, a judge may also grant a 15-year-old permission to marry if an investigation reveals that it is in the best interests of that person to do so. After filing the document with the local jurisdiction, you can order a certified marriage certificate proving that you and your spouse are legally married. After all, marriage is a legal contract. Saying «yes» affects your property rights, how you fill out your tax forms and retirement plans.