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Yale English Requirements

Students applying from abroad follow essentially the same procedure and have the same application requirements as all other students. If it is not possible to take three core courses due to a late change of major or other circumstances, students may meet the requirements of the major by replacing one core course (1) DRST 001 and 002, (2) ENGL 129 and 130, or (3) two advanced courses that deal substantially and intensively with similar material. All representations require the approval of the Director of Studies (DHS). Individual Programs of Study In exceptional cases, a student with clearly defined interests and goals may, in consultation with DHS, develop a curriculum that deviates from the usual subject requirements. However, such a programme must meet the general criteria of scope and coherence mentioned above. For interdepartmental programs that include courses in English literature, see Comparative Literature; Directed studies; American Studies; African American Studies; ethnicity, race and migration; theatre and performance studies; and women`s, gender and sexuality studies. 5) What are the educational requirements and opportunities? For a list of these requirements and instructions, see Application Guidelines and Components. As some of these requirements may be unknown to international students, you can find additional information here. Students entering the Writing concentration must meet the same requirements as all English majors, except that they have 4 creative writing courses for the major, including ENGL 489 (The Writing Concentration Senior Project). By the end of the fall semester, older applicants must have completed: 1) at least two creative writing courses numbered ENGL 451 or higher, with at least one of these courses in the genre in which they wish to pursue ENGL 489 (i.e.

poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or drama), and 2) a creative writing course in another genre, numbered ENGL 131 or more. Creative writing hubs must take at least 11 literature courses in addition to their creative writing courses. With DUS approval, students in the Class of 2019 can choose between the requirements that applied at the time of reporting and the current requirements outlined in Yale College`s 2018-2019 degree programs based on their preferences and past course performance. Those with questions about these options are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with DHS or ADUS. To opt out of the old requirements, please inform the Registrar of the English Department. You must pass specialist exams for reading comprehension (translation) in three languages, or two if your reading skills allow you to take a semester of a literature course in one of your languages or an advanced translation exam. Details can be found on the website of the Department of English ( In general, the department recommends that you demonstrate your proficiency in both languages at the end of your first year and a third year at the end of your second year. Don`t panic – it`s not as intimidating as it sounds.

Current students are happy to explain how they met this requirement. As a rule, you are a lecturer in the third and fourth year for four semesters. In the English department, graduate students act as TF for a section of a course. The English department also offers PhD students the opportunity to act as part-time interim instructors (PTAI). Most PTAIs are sixth-year and above students who have already had TFed for two years and have completed their thesis year, but students entering their fourth year can also apply. Graduate students can also suggest college seminars. For complete information on this program and the application process, visit Below is a summary of the requirements for the major in English. For a complete description, see the English Language and Literature section of Yale College programs under Subjects.

It is useful for students majoring in English to have both a detailed understanding of the most important poets who have written in English and some knowledge of the classics of American and world English-language literature. All majors must therefore take three of the four ENGL core courses 125, 126, 127, 128. Future English majors are strongly encouraged to meet these requirements before the end of the second year. Those who have not enrolled in the directed studies program should also consider taking ENGL 129 and 130, the core courses of the European literary tradition. Upon completion of all pre-thesis requirements, including the prospectus, students will be admitted to apply for the PhD. Admission to the application must take place before the end of the third year of study. Some of our PhD students receive attractive job offers in the first year «on the market». Within three years of beginning the search for an academic position, most of our students obtain a tenure-track position at a desirable institution. The English Department offers students considerable support in the job market. Professor Katie Trumpener is currently an employment officer. Other questions may be directed to them: Students entering the writing concentration must meet the same requirements as all English majors, except that they have four creative writing courses for the major, including ENGL 489, a tutorial in which students produce a single durable text or portfolio of shorter papers.

By the end of the fall semester, older applicants must have completed (1) at least two Creative Writing courses numbered 451 or more, with at least one of these courses in the genre in which they wish to complete ENGL 489 (i.e., poetry, fiction, non-fiction, or drama), and (2) one course in another genre, This may include a creative writing course numbered 131 or higher. Creative writing hubs must take at least eleven literature courses in addition to their creative writing courses, fifteen courses in total. All courses numbered 130 or less are considered literature courses. Residential college seminars are not accepted for credit of the written concentration except with permission from DHS. The Write Concentration Senior project can be offered in partial response to the Senior requirement. Hubs must meet the requirements of the Main Library during the period during which they meet the literature component of their requirement for seniors. A student whose program meets these requirements may, with DHS approval, be credited as an option for the major up to two courses in other departments. One of these courses should normally be a literature course in English translation or another language, and none can count towards a major requirement. Some seminars at residential colleges may also be replaced with electives in the major subject with DUS approval.

To meet the basic requirements of the program, a student must: Yale strongly recommends that non-native speakers who have not completed at least two years of secondary education, in which English is the language of instruction, take one of the proficiency tests listed below. Professors in practice Michael Cunningham, Anne Fadiman, Louise Glück, Donald Margulies Medieval Renaissance 18th century/19th century 20th/21st century 125: English Poetry I 126: English Poetry II 127: American Literature 128: Worldwide English Literature Requirements ENGL 125 and 126 or, with 4 additional courses among the great English poets, 2 terms chosen from 115, 127, 129, 130 or DRST 001, 002 M.A. (en route to a PhD) Students enrolled in the PhD program can complete the Master`s degree at the end of seven courses with at least an Honours grade and a maximum of one passport degree, and by passing a foreign language as described under Ph.D.